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Natural Water Bowls

A natural water bowl is an environmentally friendly option for your reptile tank or vivarium and are very long lasting and hard wearing.

Taking care of reptiles means making sure that the vivarium, substrate and feeding and water bowls are appropriate for your reptile.  When looking for a water bowl for a reptile it should be one that won’t grow any bacteria.

There are water bowls that have a combination of food and water bowl and these will work fine for some species of reptile.  This type of bowl is usually nested for convenience.  Many of them look like rocks to help the reptile feel at home.  They will represent something that would be in their natural habitat.

Combination food and water bowls can come in many sizes from small to extra large.  Because of this you can be assured of getting the right set of bowls for your reptile.

If you are looking for a natural water bowl for Hermit Crabs think about the drinking pool.  This type of natural water bowl will help prevent drinking sponges from drying out too quickly.  The drinking pool allows plenty of water to be readily available. 

Once you have put in a couple of drinking sponges you just add enough de chlorinated water until a small amount is left in the pool.  Proper care of the drinking pool means that the drinking sponges and pool are cleaned daily.  Some of the water bowls that can be found are simply a bowl while others have a small platform for the Hermit Crab to rest on while drinking.

Natural looking rock water bowls fit into many different settings in the reptile enclosure.  The neutral colour can be put in a desert or tropical vivarium or terrarium.   These water bowls have safety steps on the inside of the bacteria proof water bowl so that smaller reptiles can get out safely.  These bowls are very easy to keep clean as well.

A water well dispenser may be the answer to a water bowl for your reptile.  Because terrariums can be very warm the water could evaporate on your reptile when you aren’t home.  A water dispenser can prevent that from happening and it makes fouling the water bowl by the reptile impossible.  With a water well the reptiles can have a fresh supply of water.  The dispensers have been made to look natural so reptiles will have no problems accepting them.

If none of the above reptile natural water bowls seems right for your reptile there is one more type that is available.  It has a small water bowl with a large reservoir attached to it.  This way the reptile can’t spill or foul the water, but fresh water can be dispensed as it is needed.  Most of the water bowls that are attached to these reservoirs have safety steps for insects and small lizards so they can’t get stranded in the water bowl.  Wide bases on the bowls keep them stable so they can’t tip.

Purchasing the proper water bowl and other equipment is important to the safety and health of any reptile.  Choose the reptile natural water bowl that is right for your reptile.



Natural Water Bowls Products

T-Rex Wetlands Bowl

T-Rex Wetlands Bowl

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