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Medivet Supplements

Medivet Cricket Diet is a supplement designed to feed to crickets which will then enrich your reptile’s diet with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids. Comes as a 150g pot of powder which is mixed with water to make a paste.

Medivet Repton is an insect dusting powder designed to supply a balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and coats the insects evenly, available in 100g tubs.

Medivet Reptavite is a vitamin and mineral supplement suitable for use with a range of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. It is also great for dipping mice and rats into prior to feeding. Suitable for use with iguanas, tortoises and herbivores lizards.Available in a 100g tub.

Medivet Reptasol is a liquid vitamin supplement designed for reptiles and amphibians to be used in their drinking water. Combines the correct level of vitamins to help reduce stress and prevent disease in your reptile. Available in a 50 ml bottle.

Takea look at all the Medivet supplements below:

Medivet Supplements
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  • Medivet Supplements
  • Medivet Cricket Diet, 150g
  • £ 3.86
  • Medivet Supplements
  • Medivet Repton, 100g
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  • Medivet Supplements
  • Medivet Reptavite, 100g
  • £ 3.81
  • Medivet Supplements
  • Medivet Reptasol, 50ml
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