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Zoo Med Books

Zoo Med have a great range of reptile books covering all species of reptile.

If you are just getting started as a reptile owner you will need as much information as you can get on how to care for your new pet.  Zoo Med offers an easy to read and understand volume of a beginners guide to reptile care.  The book presents a general care guide that can be referenced again and again.  This book will explain the four basic principles of reptile husbandry so that the beginner can have a true understanding of their pet and its well being.

Thinking of becoming the owner of a hermit crab?  You will want to get the Zoo Med Proper Care of Hermit Crabs so that you can provide them with a healthy habitat.  This book will walk you through the proper maintenance and care of your hermit crab.  This book is ideal for those just getting started with a hermit crab but also contains information that an advanced owner might need as well.  This book is well rounded and can give you all the information necessary.  Look for it as you browse our web pages.

Reptiles that live in water are written about in another species.  The Zoo Med Proper Care of Water Turtles is another volume that is a must have for owners of this wonderful creature.  Besides delving into the care and feeding of the water turtle this book will explain how to heat the water turtle’s environment.  Water turtles also need to have specific lighting and this book will address the proper lighting for their enclosure.  This is another point that is talked about in this Zoo Med series.  The enclosure that you water turtle lives in is very important so that it feels at home.  Everything that you need to house, feed and care for your reptiles is available at this web site so feel free to look through our web pages. If you are looking for other books on reptiles which will keep you informed and up to date.

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Zoo Med Books

Zoo Med Books

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