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Tortoise Trust Books

Tortoise Trust are one of the largest publishers of reptile books. You can browse their full range of books below.

Tortoise Trust is the largest developer of new methods of husbandry for tortoises and turtles so it makes sense that the reptile books that they write will have some of the best information available.   The trust has been in existence for close to twenty years and has members in many countries.  They believe in the conservation and protection of turtles and tortoises and actively try to make a difference in this area.  The reptile books provide some of the most comprehensive guides to caring for these marvellous creatures.
The Tortoise and Turtle Feeding Manual is full of detailed articles on nutrition for tortoises and turtles.  They also discuss the cause and how to prevent lumpy shell syndrome and other bone deformities.  The discussion of minerals, supplements, and other vitamins are also included in this volume.  You can find out about wild foods that would be suitable for tortoises in captivity.  They define the differences between feeding tropical and aquatic turtles.  Hay and grasses that are suitable for savannah turtles is another subject that will be broached in this book.  If you are planning on breeding the Tortoise Trust book will show you how.  Breeders keep this book close so that they can reference it at anytime.

Besides being great for breeders of tortoises and turtles it is easy to understand.  Younger readers will find this an invaluable source for learning more about terrapins, turtles and tortoises.  It can be used as a guide for school science projects.  Although it is a small volume it is not small on knowledge.  When you visit a zoo or aquarium it is the perfect accompaniment for the trip.  If you want the premier book on tortoises and turtles then purchasing the Tortoise Trust reptile book is what you need.  Look through the pages of our web site to find more information on reptile books.

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