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Eco Books

Eco Books are a well known and respected publisher of reptile books. Take a look at their full range below.

Although you can find many eco reptile books a major portion of them will be on different species of reptiles.  There are various authors that eco publications work with and their books are all expertly written.  They have painstakingly done the research necessary to give the reader the most up to date information about the reptile they wish to own.  When writing about snakes in a specific area you can be sure that every mountain or desert where the snake lives was included in the book.  They will list the species as well as aspects of their care and have beautifully illustrated photos to accompany the text.

Eco book authors Carl Franklin and David Kilpatrick have about thirty years of field experience where box turtles are concerned.  So who would be more important to read if you are going to have box turtles as your pet?  Again the book comes with full colour photographs and talks about the history and husbandry of box turtles.  There is one book entitled Eco Freshwater Turtles which is another in the series of breeding books.

Books for breeding geckos are numerous as evidenced in the Eco Day Geckos which detail the different approach of the authors on breeding in the world of captivity.  They have also added new enclosures designs that have been generating enthusiasm in the breeding world.  The authors present their techniques for breeding in captivity and give insight for people just wanting to learn more about geckos.

More titles that could be of interest to a future reptile owner would be: Eco Chameleons, Eco Crocodilians, Eco Bearded Dragons, Eco Crested Geckos, and Eco Sulcata, African Spurred Tortoise.  These and many other titles can be found when you search the web pages that we have put together.

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ECO Books

ECO Books

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