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Barrons Reptile Books

We have the full range of Barrons books here in our reptile library.

If you are going to own a reptile it is imperative to understand how to take care of them.  They will become your responsibility to nurture and you want to make sure that you are ready when you bring your reptile home from the store.  One of the information books that is on the market comes from Barrons.  They have many different guides that explain the history, life expectancy, characteristics and what determines a good specimen on many different species of reptile.  These books by Barrons can also help you determine the sex of your reptile if you decide to breed them.

They will also explain the best type of enclosure for your reptile, the most nutritious food for your reptile to consume, how to breed your reptile and what steps you need to take to keep them in good health.  One title that gives a general overview of many different reptiles and amphibians is called the Reptiles and Amphibian Keeper’s Guide.  They also have books that deal with one or two species for a more in depth look at their care and feeding.  If you have or are about to purchase a leopard or fat tailed gecko there is a reptile keeper’s guide on them.

Frogs and bullfrogs get equal attention in a Horned Frog Family and African Bullfrogs Reptile Keeper’s Guide.  There will be guides on snakes and a guide listing the twenty five best reptile pets is available to help you decide on the perfect reptilian pet for you.  You can keep books like this one on hand to use as a reference throughout the life of your reptile.  They come with colour illustrations of each of the twenty five reptiles in the book.  These books also give you the pros and cons of purchasing a bred reptile or acquiring one from its native habitat. 


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