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Welcome to ReptilePetSupplies.co.uk

Welcome to our online reptile shop. Your one stop shop for all reptile products! Our shop sells a huge variety of the best accessories for your reptile.

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Reptile Supplies

We have a very wide range of reptile accessories and supplies all of which are currently available for next day delivery to you.

We also have news and care information relating to reptiles that we hope you will find useful. Whether you need products, information, care details, or news you will find it here at Reptile Pet Supplies.

Pet reptiles are wonderful creatures adding tranquillity to your life, though not all individuals enjoy them. Reptiles are cold- blooded animals which means they differ from your other types of pets like cats or dogs. They require a different type of environment, which is why it is important that you understand what reptile pet supplies you will need.

There are four orders of reptiles, and of those orders only two tend to be kept as pets. You have the order Squamata, which are your lizards and snakes. The second order is the Testudines. They are turtles, tortoises and terrapins.

In the Squamata order there are 7,900 living species, and only 300 living species in the Testudines order. Of course not all the species make great pets or can even be found in pet shops.

Popular pet reptiles include Skinks, Monitor Lizards, Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Geckos, and Iguanas. For pet turtles, box turtles and aquatic turtles are most popular. There are 56 different species of snakes that can be pet reptiles falling into categories like boas, king snakes, pythons, corn snakes, and other snakes.

Reptile Pet Supplies

Here at Reptile Pet Supplies you will learn the variety of care needed for these different pet reptiles. To begin we have the site broken down into different categories to help you with your needs. There is a reptile food page which will examine the different types of live, frozen, and dried foods available for your pet. Reptile supplies like pet food do have to be handled in a certain way depending on what types of food you intend on giving your reptile. For larger snakes you might consider live food such as mice, but other reptiles will eat live crickets or locusts. The right food for your reptile will determine whether they have a healthy life. Thus, we have many different options when it comes to reptile food.

Another category you will find helpful is the reptile supplements for reptiles and the reptile health care page. Your reptile is going to need a well rounded diet, but sometimes living in a domestic situation means they don’t get all the vitamins they need. In this section you can learn about the different reptile supplements and health care for your pet reptile.

Reptiles need to have the proper environment, so to learn what reptile pet supplies you need for your pet you should consider the Reptile Measurement and Environmental Control information we have for you on this site. You will find information on reptile thermometers, reptile hygrometers, and reptile thermostats to help keep your pet reptile’s environment regulated.

Reptile Humidity and Ventilation is just as important as offering the right temperature to your pet. Through our section on these pet accessories you can choose what you need.

Reptile Accessories

Our site wants to make sure you have everything you need when it comes to reptile accessories. There are a variety of heating products for reptiles, and choosing the right one for your pet will take some time. Luckily on our site we have all the reptile pet supplies available in the current market. So ceramic heaters, rock heaters, and more can be purchased here.

As a one stop shop for your reptile accessories we also cater to your lighting needs regarding the reptile cage. We sell UVB fluorescent tubes, mercury vapour lighting, and day lighting for your pet.

The environment you keep your pet reptile in will be determined by the species of animal you have. To make the environment more pleasing you do have the option of providing reptile substrates. This can include reptile carpet or sand.

Along with enhancing the environment, reptile accessories can also include decor for the tank. In this instance you have tank backgrounds that resemble forests, desert and more. You also have the option of buying reptile supplies like vines, wood or bark to make the reptile feel more like they are in their natural environment.

Artificial plants that go into the tank have to be chosen carefully, therefore we have care information that can help you choose the right plants for the type of pet reptile you have. Plants also enhance their environment so that they can feel more comfortable.

Housing your reptile will take the right container such as a vivarium, glass tank, or other type of housing. On our site we have plenty of choices for housing in our reptile pet supplies. Other considerations for your reptile will include food and water dishes that the pet reptile can use.

If you are new to owning reptiles you will probably want to check out our reptile starter kits. This section discusses the variety of reptile accessories available to you, as well as what start kit would be most appropriate for the pet you own. Reptile books can also outline the environment, care, and other information you need to know to give proper attention to your reptile. Most reptiles are friendly, and can be handled. They just have to get used to your scent. Books can help teach you what you need to know about the variety of species to get the one that most fits your lifestyle.

Our site has been designed to be more than just the reptile accessories shop. It is a place where you get information regarding care, health, proper feeding, environmental information, and much more. We want you to keep up to date with the news regarding reptiles. We also want you to find everything you need on this one site rather than spending hours finding each piece of equipment you need. Your time is valuable to you, so you don’t need five sites to sell you the reptile pet supplies you need. You just need one site that is dedicated to helping you take care of your pet.

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Did you know that...

the first reptiles evolved over 300 million years ago!

there are over 7000 species of reptile spread across every continent except Antartica.

the brain of a reptile is tiny and represents less than 1% of their body mass.

the jaw structure of all reptiles prevent them chewing. Instead they tear and swallow.

the sex of a turtle is determined by the surrounding temperature of the egg when incubated.

reptiles do not have sweat glands. For this reason a snake never feels slimy.

We hope you enjoyed these curious reptile facts.